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Grand Pianos

Vincent Izzo's Piano Gallery specializes in the sale of only the finest quality vintage instruments.  Pianos that have been cherished through the decades and have brought joy to their owners.  Only instruments which were endowed by their manufacturers with the utmost in quality, and have a certain "magic" still locked away within are chosen by Vincent to be lovingly and painstakingly restored to their former glory.  No effort or expense is spared in bringing the instrument back to life.  When the restoration process is complete, these pianos are ready to give many more years of beautiful tone and wonderful music to their new owners. 

(click each piano for more photos and details)

Fischer Grand
6' Walnut Victorian

Steinway Grand
7' Louis XIV Victorian

Krakauer Baby Grand
5' Mahogany

Sohmer & Co Grand
6' Mahogany

Weber Grand
6' Mahagony

Knabe Baby Grand

Yamaha Grand
5' 3" Walnut

Wm. Knabe & Co. Grand
5' 7" Walnut

Harrington Baby Grand
French Provincial

Sohmer & Co. Baby Grand


Why Not Just Buy a New Piano?

Always there will be those who believe that new is better. Where pianos are concerned, this is just not so.

As costs continue to rise in all categories of our economy, piano manufacturers, as manufacturers in all industries, seek to minimize costs and maximize (or even just maintain) profits. Obviously, this goal must be achieved or companies shut their doors. Something has to give. Most often the quality of the piano gives first. Cheaper parts and mass production techniques may keep the doors open and may produce what appears to be a beautiful instrument, but when compared to an aged quality instrument built by old world craftsmen with materials unavailable or too expensive to incorporate in today's products, the differences are "clear as a bell". It is a facsimile of what was, a sculpture, imitating life. It might appear to be alive but it lacks a soul. These newer pianos do not have the sound or the feel that a musician craves and expects from a quality instrument.

What is your preference, a shiny piece of modern furniture, or a beautifully refinished and restored quality instrument overflowing with sound? A piano with a unique style, appearance, sound and feel that beckons you to play or a shiny piece of furniture that looks good under the vase and candelabras and sounds best when it is not being played?

The older pianos were built to last. They were made with the best possible materials by highly skilled craftsmen with a penchant for quality (sound like someone we know) and have a tone and feel that will put a smile on any serious musician's face. Many of the pianos Vincent maintains are over 100 years old and still have their original ivory keys!

Don't take our word for it, make an appointment to experience Vincent's pianos, compare them to the new ones being sold and draw your own conclusions.

The reasoning is sound for buying a restored, vintage piano, the most important reason you should buy from Vincent Izzo's Piano Gallery is:

Vincent guarantees his pianos for life,
as long as he tunes them twice per year!

A true master of his craft, Vincent provides this guarantee without hesitation. A piano totally restored by Vincent has been elevated to its peek level of quality in appearance, functionality and musical tone. It is as close to perfection as possible or it is still a work in progress. Rarely does one find this dedication to excellence.

Over 30 years experience in piano restoration, concert tuning and performance, has established Vincent as the leader in his chosen profession. Recognized and appreciated by his peers in the industry, Vincent is a proud member of the Piano Technicians Guild, through which he continually attends and delivers seminars on piano repair and restoration so as to remain completely up-to-date on all technical innovations. Vincent represents the cutting edge of today's technology for the benefit of yesterday's quality instrument.

The driving force behind this dedication is a genuine love of music and pianos. a master at, as well as within, the keyboard, puts Vincent in a unique category.

Excellence in Sales and Service

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Bellerose Village, New York 11001

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Floral Park, New York 11001

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